How To Identify And Treat Potential Medical Problems From A Car Crash

It's important to check yourself for any type of potential problem after you have a car accident. Here are a few potential medical problems that commonly happen after a crash, as well as what you can do to relieve your symptoms. Back and Neck Problems When you get into a car crash, your head can often slam backwards at a different rate than the rest of your body in a whiplash. [Read More]

Foot Care Tips For Diabetics

If you have diabetes, even a small injury or other problem with your foot can have serious consequences. Diabetics often have to deal with nerve damage that can interfere with their ability to feel their feet. Diabetics can also experience blood flow problems that make it more difficult to heal and resist infection. As a result of these issues, you might fail to notice something in your shoe or how your socks are irritating you. [Read More]

Contact Lens Wearers: Preventing Eye Infections

Contact lenses are typically safe and easy to use.  However, it is possible to contract infections in your eye from improper use and care of your contact lenses.  The most common infection is an infection of the cornea, called keratitis.  Keratitis can cause pain in the eye, and may also be accompanied by a temporary loss of vision and tearing or discharge from the eye.  There are several types of keratitis that can affect contact lense wearers: bacterial, fungal, acanthamoeba and herpes keratitis. [Read More]

Pet Cremation: Alternatives To A Backyard Burial

When your beloved pet has reached the end of his or her journey and has gone to the rainbow bridge, you may find that a backyard burial isn't a comfortable choice. What if you have to move someday, or you have no backyard because you live in an apartment? Don't feel limited to burial for your pet's final resting place, though. If you're willing and/or able to pay for it, you can have your dear fuzzies cremated instead. [Read More]