A Few Surgical Procedure Options For Bunions

Bunion surgeries are often required to restore a toe joint once a bunion develops. Otherwise, the condition will progress and lead to permanent deformation of the toe. The more serious the bunion, the more extensive the surgery. Also, since bunions are complicated formations that involve bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues in the region, there are a variety of different specific procedures that are explored for your condition. Keep reading to learn about a few. [Read More]

Three Signs That You Need Urgent Care

Having a healthy life is probably one of your biggest goals.  Staying healthy means that you must constantly arm yourself with knowledge about what is healthy and what is not. It is also good to be able to identify symptoms that can present a danger to your health. Here are three signs that you should not ignore because they usually indicate that you or your loved one needs urgent care. [Read More]

Suffering From Severe Rashes Weeks After A Bee Sting? Serum Sickness May Be To Blame

Bee stings are always painful but usually harmless. However, those who have allergies to be stings are going to suffer from a variety of negative reactions. One of the worst of these is a delayed reaction known as serum sickness that can pop up weeks later and cause severe rashes. Allergic Reactions Vary in Severity Those who are allergic to bee stings experience a broad range of reactions. Some people will simply get a rash and suffer from a little bit of pain. [Read More]

Caring For Feet As You Get Older: 5 Ways To Keep Them Healthy And Functional

Most people don't give too much thought to their feet, unless something goes wrong with them. As you age, though, the attention you pay to your feet acts as a preventative mechanism against many potentially painful predicaments. 1. Stop Thinking Of Pedicures As A Luxury Especially as you get older or if you have a compromised immune system, allowing toenails to grow, unimpeded, can lead to fungal infection. Beyond the unsightly appearance of toes in this condition, you risk greater complications, such as toenail deformation and the infection traveling elsewhere in your body. [Read More]